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Training in cooperation with the University of Ghent: FSE

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In the field of FSE (Fire Safety Engineering) two trainings are presented through the University of Ghent.

The "International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (IMFSE)"

  • Is commonly organized by the universities of Ghent (Belgium), Edinburgh (UK) and Lund (Sweden). This two-year educational programme in the Erasmus Mundus framework is coordinated by the Ghent University. The main objective is to create an educational programme that provides the required knowledge for a professional fire safety engineer in a Performance Based Design environment.
  • Besides interuniversity cooperation, student mobility in Europe is one of the main points of interest of the overall programme. The mobility structure, with possible change in study location after each semester, gives the students the opportunity to gain from the strengths and expertise of each of the three universities.
  • IMFSE welcomes holders of a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution (minimum 3 years full-time study or 180 ECTS credits) in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial engineering, material sciences, chemistry, physics, applied physics, architecture, urbanism and spatial planning or a related discipline. Students in their last year of such a Bachelor programme can also apply but need to obtain their engineering diploma prior to the start of the IMFSE-programme.
  • European and non-European students applying for an Erasmus Mundus grant have different online application deadlines. Non-European students apply between September and the end of December to start in IMFSE in the subsequent academic year; European students apply between September and April. The deadlines for ‘self-sponsored’ students can be found on the website along with all other information: waar ook alle andere relevante informatie te vinden is.

postgraduate FSE training beyond the regular school system

  • This training is meant for people that already work and that want to gain more in-depth knowledge on this subject . Therefore the classes take place on Thursday nights, on Friday the whole day en sometimes on Saturday mornings. The entire training lasts 2 years.
  • You can find practical information on:

The Institute for Continuing Education of the University of Ghent (IVPV) also organizes training about fire safety in buildings: