Short history


The Laboratory for Heat Transfer and Fuel Technology was founded around 1965 by the late Professor Herpol with as goal to provide an answer to the need for scientific fire research. The laboratory was then located in the town centre, St.-Pietersnieuwstraat. In 1967 the laboratory moved to the Ottergemsesteenweg 711. Professor Herpol was succeeded by Professor Minne. Professor Minne was then succeeded by Professor Vandevelde.

The laboratory earned an renowned international reputation in the field of fire research and has helped intensively with the harmonisation of Standards on European and international level. The laboratory is founding member of EGOLF.

In 2005 a cooperation arose between the company Warringtonfire and the University of Ghent and the test laboratory became a spin-off of the University of Ghent under the name Warringtonfiregent (WFRGENT NV) with professor Vandevelde as the head. Many years both organisations cooperated in an informal way. This cooperation was based on a solid business basis in the form of a shared right of ownership of the new company.

Technically trained and professional staff moved over from the University of Ghent to the new company. That way both the laboratory of Warrington and the one of Ghent maximize their best practice applications for all of their customers. WFRGENT NV reached an agreement with the University of Ghent to support the research and academic requirements of the university. This as part of scientific research and technical activities for fire safety.

Professor Vandevelde remained responsible for the Ghent research laboratory as director of WFRGENT NV. Due to the purchase of Warringtonfire in 2006, Bodycote became shareholder of WFRGENT NV. However, the name Warringtonfiregent was preserved.
In 2008 Bodycote passed to EXOVA.


In May 2008, the Institute for Fire Safety (ISIB), a department which grants technical recommendation and certification, moved her offices in Ghent to the premises of WFRGENT NV.

As from March 2011, Dr. Sette is in control of the company’s daily management.