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Fire resistance

The Fire resistance department performs fire tests in accordance with standardized test methods but also ad hoc fire tests.

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Reaction to fire

Reaction to fire is important during the growing phase of a fire. It concerns the whole of the properties of the material with regard to the influence on the origin and the development of the fire.

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Special tests

This service is offered to people and organisations that want to evaluate the fire risk of existing or planned building constructions and transport media in relation to fire.

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Test instruments

WFRGENT NV offers under the brand name FIRE, test equipment for the standardised fire tests.

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Consultancy & Research

With more and more large-scaled buildings, with a more daring design, with a growing awareness that the safety of the public needs guarantying, a solid based and specialised advice in the aspects of fire are very important when setting up a construction project.

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To promote and coordinate the scientific research in the field of the protection against fire realised in the laboratories of Ghent and Liège.

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WFRGENT NV - Global Safety

WFRGENT NV performs fire tests mainly on construction materials, materials used in transport (train, tram, bus, aeroplane, car, shipbuilding) and materials for the off-shore industrie (boats, drilling platforms).

These tests are performed in two departments:

Reaction to fire

In this department the tests on materials are performed in small scale set-ups. The goal is to evaluate the contribution of a material in the development of a starting fire.

Fire resistance

in this department tests are being performed on construction elements to evaluate their behaviour in a fully developed fire. The evaluation contains the preservation of the load-bearing capacity of structural construction elements and the capability to contain the fire: this is valid for walls, doors, floors,… The tests are being performed on a vertical and a horizontal furnace in full size if possible.

The tests can be divided into standard tests. These take mainly place in relation with the European Construction Products Directive, which has been converted into national legislation. Sometimes ad hoc tests are performed, not according to a prescribed standard, but specifically drawn-up to examine particular situations.

WFRGENT NV is also an important subcontractor of the v.z.w. ISIB, an association that supplies assessments concerning passive fire protection and which certifies installers for products that contribute to the passive fire protection. More information:

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WFRGENT nv is accredited by BELAC to perform tests according to the criteria of the standard NBN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Accreditation number: BELAC 196-TEST.

Accreditation certificatie: click here.

Our fixed scope can always be consulted on the BELAC website: Detailled scope (PDF format).

A list of activities performed under flexible scope is maintained internally:

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WFRGENT nv is a "notified body" under the European Construction Products Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011.

Identification number: 1173

 List of the activities for which WFRGENT nv is notified: Notification NB 1173 (2015).